The Centum Series Edition 2

Online Exhibition

The Centum Series Edition 2

Online: 11 – 17 June 2021

Indian art defies any easily tailored silos to carve for itself a confident assertion of its own identity within a global context, while being a part of its larger assimilative journey. It is this rich legacy of Indian modernism that we hope to explore with The Centum Series which opens a window to the tantalising glimpse of the extraoridnary depth and breadth of its scope and variety. Round numbers are attractive, so we picked one hundred as our choice for this medley of artists and artworks that offers you a unique opportunity to acquire Indian modern art at attractive prices specially tailored for this sale. 

The purpose behind The Centum Series is to share with you a curated miscellany of Indian art that may not always be included in our thematic exhibitions. Here you will find still-lifes and landscapes, works sacred and secular, watercolours, oil or acrylic canvases and sculpture, by artists based across the country's length and breadth at its most important art centres, aligned with different collectives or art movements—a glimpse of the history of art practice across an eventful one hundred years.

“Art, for me, was always about trying to express some kind of reality mixed with what is unreal, a dreamlike sequence”

– Sakti Burman

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