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  • DAG in the time of COVID-19
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The World Will Go On
A Gratitude Sale

In view of the transformative year 2020 that taught humanity a simple lesson—to never take anything for granted—and the consequent reaffirmation that in spite of incalculable calamities, the simple joys of life and living will survive, DAG announces its gratitude sale ahead of the festive season. The World Will Go On is a celebratory ode to the wisdom of the past in light of the present and re-visits the simple pleasures and happiness that nature, culture and sacred mythologies offer us. The World Will Go On celebrates India’s unique visual language of pre-modern and modern art. Works by sought-after modernists have been chosen to reflect a passion for life and the joys we experience through music, dance, food and associated pleasures of life. Featuring works from the cusp of change when European and Indian art met to create a hybrid vocabulary, it includes rare paintings from the 19th century onwards by unknown masters who oversaw this development and have left behind their art for us to appreciate with the hindsight of knowledge. Early realist painters such as the émigré Walter Langhammer, the educationist M. V. Dhurandhar, followers of the Ravi Varma School, Aroomoogam Pillay, Bengal ‘School’ masters such as Kshitindranath Majumdar, Sanat Chatterjee or Ramgopal Vijaivargiya are located alongside acclaimed modernists as S. H. Raza, M. F. Husain, Krishen Khanna, Jehangir Sabavala, K. G. Subramanyan, P. T. Reddy, Natvar Bhavsar, G. R. Santosh, Biren De, Sohan Qadri, and a host of others. The sacred and the secular are harmoniously balanced in recognition and gratitude of all that the world offers us. Click here for more.

DAG in the time of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented humanity with an unprecedented challenge, but one that has been met with both sacrifice and resilience by a multitude of people at the frontlines—doctors, nurses, providers of essential supplies, government officials, the police, and numerous others, often at great peril to themselves. In support of the nation’s warriors, DAG raised Rs 1 crore from the fundraiser sale of 51 artworks from its collection, with the entire proceeds being donated to PM CARES Fund and the Lt Governor/Chief Minister Relief Fund, Delhi. While our galleries and museums remain temporarily closed, we continue to engage with audiences through our digital platforms.  We have taken our exhibitions online and are sharing narratives from our museums to ensure we can create spaces of comfort and reflection through art, as we stay safe and stay at home. Stay up to date with our online activities and follow us on Instagram and Facebook - @dag.world for all activities related to our galleries in New Delhi, Mumbai and New York. @dag.museums for all our museum related news and updates.

DAG partners with the Wallace Collection
London, United Kingdom

The Wallace Collection in partnership with DAG presents ‘Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company’, an unprecedented exhibition that brought together some of the greatest masterpieces of Indian painting together to the UK for the first time. DAG is proud to collaborate with, and support, this venerable institution to take Forgotten Masters to the UK. This partnership is a part of DAG’s institutional vision of taking Indian art to wider audiences, in India and abroad, so as to facilitate a deeper understanding of the depth of Indian art traditions, particularly those which have historically not been given their due. Explore the exhibition here.


Artist in Focus


Abanindranath Tagore led a movement to decolonize art, drawing on traditions from Persia to Japan to create a national idiom that was rooted in syncretism.

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Artwork of the Month


G.R. Santosh
Untitled (Shiva-Shakti Series)
Oil and acrylic on canvas
50.2 x 40.0 in.
G. R. Santosh’s study of Shaivism resulted in a bold language of abstraction inspired by tantra.

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Publication of the Month

The Art of Bengal traces the evolution of art in the region over three centuries, as the notions of art, culture and the identity of the modern nation state were being redefined.

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