The Centum Series Edition 3

Online Exhibition

The Centum Series Edition 3

Online: 14 – 21 August 2021

The Centum Series was launched in March 2021 to give a comprehensive dossier of superlative modern Indian artworks to connoisseurs through the round figure of one hundred. The selection spanned a period of approximately one hundred years of Indian modernism. The idea was to give a snapshot of the rich diversity of art created by a succession of Indian artists from around the start of the twentieth century.

The first edition was a success, and so was the second edition that came in June 2021. With this third edition, DAG presents yet another group of one hundred artworks by one hundred artists, each representative of the strong journey of Indian art to find its own idiom of modernism. What makes this journey so exciting is the myriad influences that defined it—artists reached the deep roots of Indian culture and also processed influences from the West, exploring and experimenting across mediums, absorbing ideas, reinterpreting established norms.

While creating an exciting opportunity to get a glimpse of the finest quality of Indian art through The Centum Series, DAG has also elected to price all works between one hundred thousand (Rs 1 lakh) to ten hundred thousand (Rs 10 lakh). It’s truly a glimpse of the history of art practice in India across an eventful one hundred years.

'The characteristic feature of Indian modernism, as perhaps of many postcolonial modernisms, may be that it is manifestly social and historical'

– Geeta Kapur

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