Online Exhibition


Online: 15 – 21 March 2021

centum: noun, from Latin, meaning one hundred, first used in 1893

Indian modernism is rich in diversity with a dizzying succession of artists who have each carved a niche for themselves in the rich firmament of art practice in the country. Open to influences from the West, reaching deep into the roots of their own culture, exploring and experimenting across mediums, absorbing ideas, reinterpreting established norms, Indian art defies any easily tailored silos to carve for itself a confident assertion of its own identity within a global context, while being a part of its larger assimilative journey.

‘The Centum Series’ opens a window to this tantalising glimpse of the extraordinary depth and breadth of the scope and variety of Indian art. One hundred artworks create a medley of one hundred artists, spanning a period of approximately one hundred years (give or take a few, given that artists did not always sign their names or dates around the start of the twentieth century).

The purpose behind ‘The Centum Series’ is to share a curated miscellany of Indian art that may not always be included in DAG’s thematic exhibitions. Here, you will find still-lifes and landscapes, works sacred and secular, watercolours, oil or acrylic canvases and sculpture, by artists based across the country’s length and breadth at its most important art centres, aligned with different collectives or art movements—a glimpse of the history of art practice across an eventful one hundred years.

exhibition highlights