Home is a Place

Gallery Exhibition

Home is a Place

Interiority in
Indian Art

New Delhi: The Claridges, 12 April – 4 August 2021

'Home is a Place’ explores the visual world of the home as a physical space having both an exterior and an interior—with all its magic, hope and memories—in villages and towns. Our homes are central to our existence and society, being the reason for shaping towns and countries, civilisations and histories. The exhibition covers the complexity of lives within the jurisdiction of the home—women at their toilettes, women painted alone gazing out of the window or gossiping in a group; figures working in their library, engaged in household work, or as parents bathing children; a family posing together or feuding over a game of cards, food or egos; and those fighting tyranny or painted as embracing lovers.

Is home just a place where we live? Why is its memory so strongly etched in our minds? Why do we, instinctively, think back to our childhoods and the houses we lived in as children, when asked where home is? And why does the erasure of that memory cause us pain?

Featuring a diverse selection of homescapes, still-life compositions, pastoral lives and bourgeoise preoccupations, the exhibition reflects on how artists have represented personal space, and the lives within these homes, much before the lockdown caused us to evaluate the place that became central to life itself. Consisting of rare works by the masters, one of the highlights includes a delightful sketchbook by M. V. Dhurandhar that documented his wife (or wives, following the death of his first spouse) over a period of four decades.

exhibition highlights