The Wonder of India

Gallery Exhibition

The Wonder of India

Explorations Through 19th and 20th
Century Art

New York: The Fuller Building, 9 July 2021 – 4 March 2022

An ancient civilisation, India was always prized for her fabled wealth—textiles, crafts, spices—her knowledge—literature, scholarship, universities—and her culture—music, dance, theatre, art. It is the only country with an unbroken tradition in each of these disciplines extending all the way back to the Indus Valley Civilisation.

‘The Wonder of India’ explores the unique multiverse of modern Indian art with representations from almost all the important periods and regions. Divided into sections such as Presently Past, Folk Meets Modern, A Modernist’s Discovery, Reading the Abstract, and Life Real and Surreal, it covers a broad range of art and artists, including those who came at the cusp of two dominant threads, enhancing the art vocabulary of the land immensely.

Artists represented in this exhibition include the well-known masters such as Jamini Roy, Chittaprosad, M. F. Husain, Krishna Reddy and G. R. Santosh as well as lesser-known gems such as B. Prabha, Arun Bose, Rajendra Dhawan, Asit Kumar Haldar and M. Suriyamoorthy, among many others. ‘The Wonder of India’ is a remarkable overview of art practice in the last century with connections and deep roots to the country’s past.

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