Buffalo is More Paying

Amit Ambalal

Buffalo is More Paying




21.5 x 29.5 in. / 54.6 x 74.9 cm.


Acrylic and watercolour on paper

Amit Ambalal works with a sense of ‘play’ to personify characters of the everyday. Employing parody, humour and irony, he teases his subjects and his viewers. The naivety of characters and the fairy-tale depiction of ‘everyday theatricality’ in domestic spaces, streets or in parks, make for an inimitable style of painting. We see here a story unfold, involving a buffalo, a cow and a milkman who has arrived at the shed to milk one of the animals. As implied by the title, the buffalo becomes the milkman’s target, while the cow is left alone to sleep peacefully.

Buffalo is More Paying
Buffalo is More Paying
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Art Artist Names Single Amit Ambalal

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