Every Dog Has His Day

Every Dog Has His Day

Every Dog Has His Day

Amit Ambalal

Every Dog Has His Day




19.7 x 28.5 in. / 50.0 x 72.4 cm.


Gouache on paper

While the title of the work, Every Dog Has His Day, holds true for the entire humanity, in the work here it’s two dogs that are quite literally having their day. It’s like an opportunity they have to get out of the skins they must wear to please their masters or keepers, and show off what they believe of themselves. While the dog on the left gets to growl and keep his neck erect, the other is happy being decked up for a show, despite disabilities. That’s a powerful comment on the humans, for whom this proverb has always held good.

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Every Dog Has His Day
Every Dog Has His Day
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Art Artist Names Single Amit Ambalal

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