Harkali ka Pankha

Jai Zharotia

Harkali ka Pankha




43.7 x 36.0 in. / 111.0 x 91.4 cm.


Oil, charcoal and pastel on canvas

The regal-looking man in this work, with a bearing hinting at his origin from the Far East, has found himself in an introspective moment in Jai Zharotia’s imagination. The artist had once said in an interview, “This world is 3D, but everything has six sides. We see only three sides. The rest of the three sides is imagined.” What the protagonist imagines or seeks to know about himself is depicted through masks: one in his hand, the other two peering at him from a mirror that is purportedly installed to show him the ultimate truth.

Harkali ka Pankha
Harkali ka Pankha
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Art Artist Names Single Jai Zharotia

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