..jection of a Dialogue

Jai Zharotia

..jection of a Dialogue




44.0 x 60.0 in. / 111.8 x 152.4 cm.


Acrylic on canvas

Jai Zharotia did not directly engage with the politics of the day, instead choosing to make subtle statements. This is then a rare work. It comes within two years of the great political upheavals like Operation Blue Star at Golden Temple, Amritsar, and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination. Without making direct references, Zharotia depicts the country’s religious multiplicity with a temple, and a prayer mat being spread out with the image of a prophet, perhaps the Buddha, in the tribhanga pose. A cat sprawls across the canvas in a Robert Browning allegory that says ‘all’s right with the world’.

..jection of a Dialogue
..jection of a Dialogue
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