Dining with Ego

Dining with Ego

Dining with Ego

Anupam Sud

Dining with Ego




20.0 x 38.7 in. / 50.8 x 98.3 cm.


Etching and aquatint on paper

Anupam Sud’s Dining with Ego holds mystery in spite of material sumptuousness. A sharp contrast in image unravels with the man feasting without a care in the world while the woman sits forlornly before an empty plate. An irreconcilable situation creates a kind of visual discomfort despite the table laden with plenty. Representative of feminine concern, Sud reflects on a male-centric world, the burden of endless service and compromise that marriage constantly demands. Bordering between still-life and figurative, it shows the growing rift and distance between a couple.

published references

Sen, Geeti, ed., Transgression in Print | Anupam Sud: Four Decades (New Delhi: Palette Art Gallery, 2007), pp. 94-95
Singh, Kishore, ed., The Soul (Un)Gendered | Anupam Sud: A Retrospective (New Delhi: DAG, 2019), pp. 266-67

Dining with Ego
Dining with Ego
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Art Artist Names Single Anupam Sud

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