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Biswanath Mukerji

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11.5 x 7.0 in. / 29.2 x 11.9 cm.


Watercolour on handmade paper

Though Biswanath Mukerji built his reputation as a landscape artist, he painted in other genres as well, his output being prolific in all that he dabbled in. This is an unusual surrealist work in wash technique, not generally associated with this category of subject matter. Depicting a ghoulish female form, it inspires as much repulsion as fear because even though its hands seem to be tied in front, it’s stance is that of an impending attack—almost as if ready to fly on the being of its perpetrator. The surrealist element reveals itself on the figure’s torso where the cleavage seems to transform into the imagery of a dark jungle.

Uncaptioned – 3
Uncaptioned – 3
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