Composition 6A

Jagmohan Chopra

Composition 6A




15.7 x 19.7 in. / 39.9 x 50.0 cm.


Viscosity on paper

Using a magnificent colour palette, Jagmohan Chopra in Composition 6A creates an imposing print that is built up from the artist’s use of negative picture-space to give him fascinating results. Execution in the viscosity process enables the creation of a complex network of lines, shapes and an opportunity to play with colours. Chopra, one of the finest printmakers from India, worked through a complex rhythm in a technique that allowed the artist to place colours in individual layers, and eventually emerge in a cohesive manner.

published references

Sengupta, Paula, The Printed Picture: Four Centuries of Indian Printmaking, Volume II (New Delhi: DAG, 2012), p. 210

Composition 6A
Composition 6A
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Art Artist Names Single Jagmohan Chopra

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