Echo of Freedom

Echo of Freedom

Echo of Freedom

R. B. Bhaskaran

Echo of Freedom




14.0 x 9.2 in. / 35.6 x 23.4 cm.


Hand tinted linocut on paper

The creation of life, its evolution, and an esoteric tradition expressed through concepts of Siva and Shakti, or Purusha and Prakriti, to demonstrate procreation as fundamental to the life process, has been brought out significantly in R. B. Bhaskaran’s art. Works such as Echo of Freedom are not a nod towards sexuality or eroticism but merely emphasise the importance of man and woman in the hierarchy of existence. In fact, it is in works such as Echo of Freedom that Bhaskaran’s penchant for existentialist philosophy is reflected.

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Echo of Freedom
Echo of Freedom
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