Movement Land Architecture-D

Rm. Palaniappan

Movement Land Architecture-D




19.5 x 25.5 in. / 49.5 x 64.8 cm.


Conte and pastel on paper

Rm. Palaniappan’s engagement with the abstract reflects an international character, creating works that reminds one of maps and architectural blueprints and plans. Through his imaginative ideas and intelligent ordering of numbers, Palaniappan creates material experiments using everyday found objects. He transforms the metaphysical nature of time and space into reality. In his works, he employs various metaphors—words, symbols and diagrams to show movement in time and space. Movement Land Architecture-D also boasts of the artist’s strength in creating lines that carry tremendous vitality and energy.

Movement Land Architecture-D
Movement Land Architecture-D
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Art Artist Names Single Rm. Palaniappan

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