Alien Planet-X-9

Rm. Palaniappan

Alien Planet-X-9


12.5 x 12.2 in. / 31.7 x 31.0 cm.


Viscosity, pencil colour and ink on handmade paper

Rm. Palaniappan epitomised printmaking even as he captured the abstract in visual and tactile terms. His practise evokes nostalgia for a time when printmaking was originally used to make maps, document architecture, chart astrological movements, develop numerical sequences and the like. Alien Planet-X-9 exemplifies Palaniappan’s happy blend of scientific and metaphysical abstraction. The Alien Planet series, in fact, came from his need to communicate the complexity of space explorations, of the limits of the human knowledge of the universe and its many secrets.

published references

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Alien Planet-X-9
Alien Planet-X-9
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