A Raja Griha Landscape

Indra Dugar

A Raja Griha Landscape




11.7 x 23.7 in. / 29.7 x 60.2 cm.


Tempera on tussar silk pasted on paper

A Raja Griha Landscape refers to the modern city of Rajgir in Bihar, which was known as Rajgriha in ancient times, and has historically been associated with the founders of two religions—Gautam Buddha (Buddhism) and Mahavira of Jainism. Indra Dugar painted many landscapes of the city but this small tempera work is astounding as it is rendered with fine details—notice the people standing on the low rocky terrain at the bottom—on the difficult base of silk. It captures the serenity of the seven hills in whose valley Rajgir is situated, almost as sentinels to its valuable history.

A Raja Griha Landscape
A Raja Griha Landscape
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Art Artist Names Single Indra Dugar

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