The Venuses at Home

Subba Ghosh

The Venuses at Home




15.0 x 19.7 in. / 38.1 x 50.0 cm.


Linocut on paper

Subba Ghosh’s The Venuses at Home introduces us to a domestic setting in which two women from different generations sit beside each other, listening to a gramophone. However, there’s an uneasiness between the two figures. The usual accoutrements of a drawing room surround them and include a picture of a couple kissing each other, creating an edginess between the two. Has the picture of a kissing couple something to do with it? Do the two women share a common past, vis-a-vis the picture? Besides throwing open-ended questions like these, Ghosh’s printmaking—like his drawings—serves to emphasise his study of anatomy as well.

published references

Home is a Place: Interiority in Indian Art (New Delhi: DAG, 2021), p. 217

The Venuses at Home
The Venuses at Home
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Art Artist Names Single Subba Ghosh

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