Subba Ghosh



19.2 x 17.2 in. / 48.8 x 43.7 cm.


Etching and aquatint on handmade paper

Subba Ghosh takes the printmaking medium to a new level of a highly intense personal language. His art, then, may not be simple to view simply because it requires not just attention but a conversation, a dialogue. Ghosh’s art, including this Untitled print of a figure frowning and contemplating on a situation even as another ghostly hand seems to emerge from nowhere, jolts us out of our comfort zone. It urges us to dig deeper and unearth some uncomfortable truths about ourselves.

published references

Singh, Kishore, ed., Navrasa: The Nine Emotions of Art (New Delhi: DAG, 2020), p. 236

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Art Artist Names Single Subba Ghosh

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