Call of The Ocean (on Band V)

Subba Ghosh

Call of The Ocean (on Band V)




18.2 x 9.0 in. / 46.2 x 22.9 cm.


Aquatint and etching on paper

In Subba Ghosh’s art, we find the artist’s innate desire to define and subsequently retain the individual identities of the common people, critique the establishment and its need to control people. In that sense, the New Delhi-based artist’s visual response to the socio-political happenings is deeply profound and personal. The complexity of the subjects in Ghosh’s art, on display in this print, which he creates in equally complex mediums, urges viewers to instantly take note of his art, engage with it and converse around it.

Call of The Ocean (on Band V)
Call of The Ocean (on Band V)
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