Abode of the Gods

Subba Ghosh

Abode of the Gods




21.5 x 39.0 in. / 54.6 x 99.1 cm.


Etching on paper

The spatial division of Subba Ghosh’s Abode of the Gods is fascinating, a reminder of how various elements, seen separately, can become a cohesive scene, almost resembling a movie. Ghosh, through an accurate portrayal of the human form and an intense manipulation of light and shade, shows the two main protagonists, an elderly male and a middle-aged female figure, who appear lonely. Ghosh’s sinister looking and ageing cupid draws a sword. In the backdrop are other figures who seem related to the protagonists in some unfathomable way. 

Abode of the Gods
Abode of the Gods
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Art Artist Names Single Subba Ghosh

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