Cocks on the Table

Cocks on the Table

Cocks on the Table

Ramkinkar Baij

Cocks on the Table


14.2 x 19.2 in. / 36.1 x 48.8 cm.


Oil on Masonite board

India’s first modernist sculptor also made expressionistic paintings filled with the suggestion of movement. This still-life, therefore, is a rare addition in his oeuvre, the cubist treatment lending free reign to his imagination. The artist uses diagonal lines and planes to recreate a table on which two cocks lie ready for plucking, their spread wings, cockscombs and wattles establishing their identity. The sharp triangles and lines allow for a playfulness that the artist exploits to the hilt in composing this still-life, a genre largely alien to his practice.

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Cocks on the Table
Cocks on the Table
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Art Artist Names Single Ramkinkar Baij

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