Bird III


Bird III




23.7 x 23.7 in. / 60.2 x 60.2 cm.


Oil on board

Shuvaprasanna, who was born and educated in Calcutta and continues to live in the city, has earned renown for his works that address urban decay and collapsing cultural values, of which birds co-inhabiting the city with humans are an integral part. These include cats, dogs, swans, ducks, crows and owls and are often a reflection of the society and the city they thrive in. They could be beastly or benign, or in between like the owl in Bird III. The owl here is not overtly menacing but can turn into a predator if the situation arises, as evident in its glowering eyes and a red-black coat.

Bird III
Bird III
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Art Artist Names Single Shuvaprasanna

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