The Ornate Chair Still Beckons

Rekha Rodwittiya

The Ornate Chair Still Beckons


c. mid-1980s


38.7 x 70.5 in. / 98.3 x 179.1 cm.


Acrylic, watercolour, pastel and graphite on handmade paper

The narratives in Rekha Rodwittiya’s art are never direct stories but act as parables through which meanings can be deduced. More often than not, these narratives point to the socio-political issues that have impacted Rodwittiya, allowing her to explore them further in her art. The dominating figure in this painting sits in an ‘ornate chair’ holding the large rodent-like figure transfixed, almost hypnotising it to choke a female figure with its tail while another ghostly apparition watches on, conveying the tying down of a free-spirited woman to patriarchal norms.

published references

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The Ornate Chair Still Beckons
The Ornate Chair Still Beckons
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Art Artist Names Single Rekha Rodwittiya

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