Dhruva Mistry



46.5 x 58.7 in. / 118.1 x 149.1 cm.


Acrylic and ink on paper

Art, for Dhruva Mistry, is ‘a means of expression and a living symbol of life’. The artist, though primarily recognised for his monumental sculptures, has explored a range of subjects in different mediums, including drawing, painting, printmaking, digital works, and photography. Mistry’s art is rhythmic, drawing influences from all over the world to collate into an individualistic style that he has honed over the years in his illustrious artistic practice. His artworks, including this Untitled one, seem like an enigma that reflects the curiosity in the minds of viewers.

published references

Singh, Kishore, ed., A Visual History of Indian Modern Art, Volume VI: A Modern Vernacular (New Delhi: DAG, 2015), p. 1064

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Art Artist Names Single Dhruva Mistry

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