Detergent / Triptych

Jitish Kallat

Detergent / Triptych




102.0 x 99.0 in. / 259.1 x 251.5 cm.


Acrylic, enamel, marble dust and marker on canvas

Mumbai-based Jitish Kallat is a rising figure in the world of art. His explorations, using historical narratives in a manner to understand in his own words, ‘how the world has become misaligned’, reflect and gauge the response of the viewer who engages with these works. In his installations and other large-scale works, such as Detergent, symbolic imagery is drawn from what affects the artist. This includes print media, television, and other popular imagery to address politically relevant and socially sensitive subjects of ethnic violence, intolerance, and much more.

Detergent / Triptych
Detergent / Triptych
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