A Shoe and a Hoof

A Shoe and a Hoof

A Shoe and a Hoof

Ranbir Singh Kaleka

A Shoe and a Hoof




35.0 x 36.7 in. / 88.9 x 93.2 cm.


Watercolour and pencil colour highlighted with gold and silver pigment on paper and corrugated board

There is a subtle incisiveness in the art of Ranbir Singh Kaleka’s paintings, particularly those done in the Nineties, which emerged from the artist’s varied experiences and the turbulence of the global political events that affected him deeply. The manner of executing these paintings, as also seen in A Shoe and a Hoof, was intriguing with the artist narrowing the visual narrative in a smaller area compared to the overall surface, in which he prepares lush, rich and colourful motifs and patterns.

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A Shoe and a Hoof
A Shoe and a Hoof
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Art Artist Names Single Ranbir Singh Kaleka

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