Untitled (Ganapati Temple, Wai)

D. C. Joglekar

Untitled (Ganapati Temple, Wai)


12.2 x 18.7 in. / 31.0 x 47.5 cm.


Watercolour on paper

D. C. Joglekar often painted temples to convey not just the richness of India’s architectural wonders and natural beauty but also to create a personal language in Indian art that was rooted in academic realism. The visual documentation of temple sites, other places of worship and other sites, was imbued with a sense of nationalistic pride. A remarkable watercolourist, Joglekar was able to evoke a sense of quiet wonder on the everyday beauty of life through such sensitive portrayals of the Indian countryside.

published references

Singh, Kishore, ed., Indian Landscapes: The Changing Horizon (New Delhi: DAG, 2012), p. 275

Untitled (Ganapati Temple, Wai)
Untitled (Ganapati Temple, Wai)
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