Evening Hills near Rambhumi (Nasik)

D. C. Joglekar

Evening Hills near Rambhumi (Nasik)


13.0 x 19.5 in. / 33.0 x 49.5 cm.


Watercolour on paper

A remarkably gifted watercolourist, D. C. Joglekar brought in a meditative, poetic vision in his works, particularly in his panoramic landscapes. Joglekar’s aesthetic vision, awash with pulse and rhythm, is evident in this work—the orange-pinkish glow of the sun on the hills, the blue skies merged with the remarkable hues of the atmosphere, the vast stretch of the area interspersed by trees, a solitary hut resting on a mound. Joglekar creates here a profound work, allowing us to meditate on it.

published references

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Evening Hills near Rambhumi (Nasik)
Evening Hills near Rambhumi (Nasik)
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Art Artist Names Single D. C. Joglekar

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