Dark Mirror (Triptych)

Dark Mirror (Triptych)

Dark Mirror (Triptych)

C. Douglas

Dark Mirror (Triptych)




58.5 x 131.0 in. / 148.6 x 332.7 cm.


Acrylic, sand and ochre on paper pasted on canvas

Based in the Cholamandal Artists’ Village on the outskirts of Chennai since the Seventies, C. Douglas has chosen to investigate suffering as part of his artistic journey, a theme he has been exploring and investigating for several years now. A later artist aligned with the Madras Art Movement, this work by Douglas depicts alienation, angst, and the miseries of human life. His sensitivity towards life and people is intensely raw, and his strong figurative imagery deals with trauma with a rare intensity.

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Dark Mirror (Triptych)
Dark Mirror (Triptych)
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Art Artist Names Single C. Douglas

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