29.5 x 19.7 in. / 74.9 x 50.0 cm.


Oil on canvas

This rich oil on canvas work bearing vigorous brushstrokes has such a powerful geographical character that one cannot help but think of Gujarat as the inspiration behind its composition; Ambadas had spent some years of his youth in Ahmedabad training in art. The solid saffron-brown and a blackish-grey dominate the palette. The sun-soaked foreground is reminiscent of the dunes of Kutch at noon, while the black core surrounded by the smudges of green in the upper half could denote the presence of thick vegetation at the edge of the desert. For Ambadas, the process of colour application was perhaps more important than the colour itself and the whirling brushstrokes bear that out beautifully.

published references

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Art Artist Names Single Ambadas

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