A War Time Odyssey (Diptych)

Vasudha Thozur

A War Time Odyssey (Diptych)




65.0 x 118.0 in. / 165.1 x 299.7 cm.


Oil on canvas

The surrealist narrative of Vasudha Thozhur’s paintings is her attempt to capture conflicts that define contemporary human existence, which in this case, is war, one of the several that go on in the world simultaneously. This busy canvas, A War Time Odyssey, is an epitome of the mayhem that gets unleashed in society when a war commences, whether a localised conflict or a global one like the World Wars. Disrupted lives—whether those of people, animals, plants and even buildings—float in a cacophonous pool, unsure of their bearings, unsure where would they land, almost as if dancing to a sinister tune.

A War Time Odyssey (Diptych)
A War Time Odyssey (Diptych)
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