Satish Sinha





29.5 x 21.2 in. / 74.9 x 53.8 cm.


Conte on paper

This life drawing by Satish Sinha, made two years before he died, is proof of his lifelong interest in realistic portrayal of human body. Trained in academic realism by J. P. Gangooly and Percy Brown and employed by Hemendranath Majumdar at the Jubilee Art Studio, Sinha always stayed true to his training in Western tenets. This Untitled drawing shows a rural woman—notice the muscularity of her arms due to hard labour on the fields—sitting down to pluck out a thorn from the sole of her foot. The drawing presents the youthful beauty, dressed practically without any embellishment.

published references

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More Information
Art Artist Names Single Satish Sinha

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