Sindhu / At the Hermitage

Sindhu / At the Hermitage

Sindhu / At the Hermitage

Sushil Chandra Sen

Sindhu / At the Hermitage




14.0 x 12.5 in. / 35.6 x 31.8 cm.


Watercolour wash on paper

Inspired by Mukul Dey, Sushil Chandra Sen, one of India’s significant modernists, created in his work a blend between the academic and neo-Bengal styles. At the Hermitage shows a young man, a brahmachari taking care of the two elderly figures, possibly his parents. The older man sits on an animal skin mat while we see other details—clothes hanging, birds, green plants, thatched roof. Given the faraway expression of the elderly figures, it’s a possibility that Sen recreates the mythological story of Shravan known for taking care of his old parents like a devotee.

published references

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Sindhu / At the Hermitage
Sindhu / At the Hermitage
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