Sushil Chandra Sen



6.5 x 5.7 in. / 16.5 x 14.5 cm.


Lithograph on paper

The window is a great device and serves to unite interior spaces with the exterior. One wonders what the woman is thinking. The artist, perhaps, wants us to reflect on the woman’s life—is she happy where she is? Would she prefer to be somewhere outside? Does she have a window of her own that lets her balance her life in the two spaces—inside the house, and outside? Sushil Chandra’s contemplative lithograph forces us to think of people’s lives—ours as well as those of others.

published references

Home is a Place: Interiority in Indian Art (New Delhi: DAG, 2021), p. 142

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Art Artist Names Single Sushil Chandra Sen

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