A Painting in Red

K. C. S. Paniker

A Painting in Red




35.5 x 44.5 in. / 90.2 x 113.0 cm.


Acrylic and oil on canvas

K. C. Pyne painted till the very end of his life, before he passed away of age-related illness. In a career spanning six decades, he brought forth a range of emotions and experiences, translating them visually on the canvas with a sense of ease and unique pictorial language. A Painting in Red shows Pyne’s masterful command on the visual language. The bright colour palette shows coconut tree with three figures (faces, really) who will collect sap from the earthen pot that’s tied to the coconut tree.

A Painting in Red
A Painting in Red
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Art Artist Names Single K. C. S. Paniker

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