Untitled (Kedarnath)

R. N. Pasricha

Untitled (Kedarnath)




13.0 x 19.7 in. / 33.0 x 50.0 cm.


Watercolour and ink on paper

As a foremost plein-art artist R. N. Pasricha undertook many trekking expeditions and created captivating works in the genre of landscape. Having travelled to many of the northern Indian valleys and mountain ranges, Pasricha has created important artworks that now have a special place in the annals of Indian modern art. By his own admission, watercolour, for the challenge it posed to the artist, was his favourite medium. Featured here is a painting in the same medium highlighting the artist’s flair and finesse. 

Untitled (Kedarnath)
Untitled (Kedarnath)
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