Tribute to Painters I Admire


Tribute to Painters I Admire




47.5 x 71.7 in. / 120.7 x 182.1 cm.


Acrylic on canvas

Tribute to Painters I Admire was done in admiration of Francis Bacon and Chaïm Soutine and how they addressed, through their works, the hostile, traumatic sides of the modern world of the twentieth century…the killings of millions of people… Nazi movements and the communist revolution,’ notes Navjot, ‘whereas the philosophy of communism values humanism and socialism...’ The painting is a nod to her understanding of world events through voracious Marxist readings, conversations with her husband, painter Altaf, as well as friends and peers who made up the intelligentsia of Bombay.

published references

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Tribute to Painters I Admire
Tribute to Painters I Admire
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Art Artist Names Single Navjot

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