Untitled (Squeezed II)

Untitled (Squeezed II)

Untitled (Squeezed II)


Untitled (Squeezed II)




19.2 x 12.2 in. / 48.8 x 31.0 cm.


Ink on paper

Freedom of speech is not a privilege we can take for granted—this seems to be the underlying thought in this work by Navjot. It belongs to a series of drawings from the late 1970s as part of her response to the Emergency that the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed (1975-77), when people witnessed a severe curtailing of freedom. She depicts a man bound tightly, the coils erasing the features of his face, yet his exaggeratedly large hands hold the face of another man whose mouth is open in a scream. Through this powerful image of a gagged man silencing another, the artist alludes to the post-Emergency period.

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Untitled (Squeezed II)
Untitled (Squeezed II)
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