Untitled (Shiva and Parvati)

Kshitindranath Majumdar

Untitled (Shiva and Parvati)


c. 1920s


12.0 x 5.5 in. / 30.5 x 14.0 cm.


Tempera on paper pasted on board

This Untitled (Shiva and Parvati) painting denotes a characteristic feature of Kshitindranath Mazumdar’s works, which invariably have a soft luminosity, with the subject and the event having an ethereal feel of fragility and romanticism. Mazumdar is representative of that ‘brand’ of artists who typically characterise the Bengal School and attempt to infuse ‘mood’ into the painting through the overall tint, the extreme delicacy of the thin linear drawing. The tonal uniformity of colour spaces further emphasises the painting as a delicate exercise.

Untitled (Shiva and Parvati)
Untitled (Shiva and Parvati)
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