Destination India

Destination India

Destination India

Gallery Exhibition

Destination India

Foreign Artists in India 1857–1947

New Delhi: 13th July – 24th August 2024
22A, Janpath Road, Windsor Place, New Delhi
10:30 am – 7:00 pm

This exhibition looks at the work of foreign artists who visited India between the Uprising (1857) and Independence (1947) as examples of a late phase of Orientalist art. The famous landscape painters of a much earlier era, such as William Hodges and Thomas and William Daniell, had clearly defined goals: they came in search of picturesque views of architecture and landscape. The artists who came later, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, were more diverse in every way. They were more interested in people and society, and scenes of everyday life, than in monuments. They were stylistically varied; and they came from many countries including Germany, Holland, Denmark, France and even Japan, besides Britain.

They brought to India a fresh aesthetic sensibility. Earlier artists had come with the purpose of opening Europe’s eyes to India’s historic cultures. For Hodges and the Daniells even the Taj Mahal was relatively unknown, as no one had previously depicted it. By the late nineteenth century, travel and tourism had made it a cliché, and new ways of depicting it had to be found. The same goes for the ghats at Benares, and every other well-known site. To these were added new destinations, like the temples and forts of Rajasthan, and the gardens of Kashmir. In this selection of works, we encounter a host of people and places of India, as seen through the eyes of artists who were foreigners, but who were intent on a more personal and intimate engagement.


Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès

Alexander Scott

Alfred Crowdy Lovett

Alfred Edward Emslie

Arthur Blunt

Boris Georgiev

Carlton Alfred Smith

Cecil Burns

Charles D'Oyly

Charles R. Gerrard

Charles W. Bartlett

David Gould Green

Edward Lear

Edwin Lord Weeks

Erich Kips

Ernest Stephen Lumsden

Frank Dean

Frederick H.A. Parker

George Strahan

Horace Van Ruith

Hugo Vilfred Pedersen

John Gleich

John Griffiths

John Roderick Dempster MacKenzie

Lena George

Ludwig Hans Fischer

Marius Bauer

Mary Anne Blyth

Maurice Levis

Mortimer Menpes

Olinto Ghilardi

Richard Robert Drabble

Theodore Howard Somervell

Walter Crane

Willem Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp

William Carpenter

William Simpson

Woldemar Friedrich

Yoshida Hiroshi

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