Sales Terms

Sales Terms

Sales Terms



  1. Duties and any other taxes, wherever applicable, will be directly paid by the buyer.

  2. Terms of sale: as per invoice.

  3. Terms of payment: 100% advance.


  1. DAG confirms that the artwork illustrated in the invoice is a genuine and authentic work. If the buyer has any concerns with regard to its authenticity, he/she shall communicate the same to DAG within five years of the buyer receiving the artwork, failing which it is deemed that the buyer has no concerns with respect to the authenticity of the artwork. Further, any error, mistake, inadequate information in the factual description or condition pertaining to the artwork shall not diminish the authenticity of the said artwork.

  2. In no event shall DAG's liability to the buyer exceed the original purchase price (excluding GST and other applicable taxes) paid by the buyer in respect of the artwork whose authenticity is in question.

  3. The benefits of this confirmation shall be available only:

    • To the buyer as mentioned in DAG's records and not to any third party, and
    • If the artwork in question is indisputably the same as was purchased by the buyer as per DAG's records.
  4. All claims relating to authenticity shall be handled by DAG on a case-to-case basis and it reserves the right to consult, at the exclusive cost of the buyer alone, with experts to examine the artwork under question. The opinion of the expert shall not be binding on DAG and it will require verifiable proof from the buyer demonstrating that the artwork in question is not authentic. DAG’s decision on the matter shall be final and binding.

  5. In case of a valid and undisputed claim by the buyer, DAG shall be liable to refund the payment (subject to terms herein above) to the buyer within 45 business days from the date such a claim is accepted by DAG or immediately after DAG has received a refund of the purchase price from the original seller, whichever is earlier.

  6. DAG shall not be accountable to the buyer for any taxes, shipping, handling or any other charges that may have been applicable at any time from the sale of the artwork till the claim being made.


  1. DAG has provided the provenance of the artwork based on the available documentation and oral history provided by the past collectors and owners. The identity of the previous owners may not be disclosed for a variety of reasons, such as request of confidentiality by the previous owner or if the identity of the previous owner is unknown. DAG believes in good faith that the provenance provides the best available record of the pedigree of the artwork at the time of the issue of the invoice. New information may come to light, whereby the provenance may be revised and updated. DAG undertakes no legal liability for, or in relation to, any future revisions about the provenance of the artwork.

  2. All disputes are subject to New Delhi, India jurisdiction.