Romance of Colour and Line

L. Munuswamy

Romance of Colour and Line




29.5 x 21.7 in. / 74.9 x 55.1 cm.


Gouache on paper

Trained, like his peers of the Madras Art Movement, in academic realism, L. Munuswamy’s later evolution as an abstract artist indicated an international character. In particular, his affinity for abstract expressionism manifested itself in his gestural language. Romance of Colour and Line shows how Munuswamy played out the deviant possibilities of line, space and colour to arrive at unusual results. Often, using his colours to pitch opacity against transparency, he aimed at enhancing the luminous quality of his hues and tones.

published references

Singh, Kishore, ed., Indian Abstracts: An Absence of Form (New Delhi: DAG, 2014), p. 270

Romance of Colour and Line
Romance of Colour and Line
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