Sunil Madhav Sen



19.0 x 27.5 in. / 48.3 x 69.9 cm.


Gouache on paper pasted on mountboard

In Sunil Madhav Sen’s art, we find references from folk styles, myth and religious iconography, including the usage of motifs and symbols, which he often used not in their original context but as a decorative form. In this painting, folk motifs, especially seen in the framed border of the painting, are retained to lend an aura of Indian-ness while at the same time generating a new, formal language with more contemporary connotations. The artist makes deliberate markings and splattering of the paint, creating a new dimension altogether.

published references

Singh, Kishore, ed., A Visual History of Indian Modern Art, Volume IV: Bengal Modernists (New Delhi: DAG, 2015), p. 661

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Art Artist Names Single Sunil Madhav Sen

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