Mohan Samant



c. 1952


18.0 x 23.7 in. / 45.7 x 60.2 cm.


Acrylic, gouache and marker on cardboard

Mohan Samant drew on primitive art, which was accentuated by the artist’s unconventional mix of colours, crisp lines, sporadic textures and figural stylisations. The relief-like quality recalls the folk and mural art traditions that hark far back in time. Samant’s work is layered. It is a fusion of the abstract, the primitive and his own painterly expression. Fascinated with the cultures of Greece and Rome, and Hinduism and Buddhism, Samant studied and absorbed their non-realistic and mythological forms and they appeared variously in his work, as here.

published references

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Art Artist Names Single Mohan Samant

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