Image of Goddess

Manu Parekh

Image of Goddess




42.2 x 23.0 x 20.5 in. / 107.2 x 58.4 x 52.1 cm.


Iron, enamel and found objects

Manu Parekh was born in Ahmedabad, studied in Bombay, where he also worked briefly before moving to Calcutta for ten years, and eventually settled down in Delhi. But it was Calcutta that proved to be the most significant as its cultural vitality, chaos and celebration aligned perfectly with his temperament as an artist. It was in Calcutta that he explored the cult of the goddess—Durga and Kali—and of Shiv-Shakti. This recent work, Image of Goddess, is a hark back to his Calcutta days where his art matured and the red-black palette overtook him, pointing to the direction he would eventually take.

Image of Goddess
Image of Goddess
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