Cat on Penance

S. Nandagopal

Cat on Penance




95.0 x 58.5 x 16.0 in. / 241.3 x 148.6 x 40.6 cm.


Welded copper and cast brass supported by iron armature

S. Nandagopal was among the first group of artists to move to Cholamandal Artists’ Village outside Madras where he practiced techniques such as enamelling, engraving and silver plating that inspired him. His figures, often an echo of mythological heroes from yesteryears, are created with sophistication and grace. Cat on Penance, in which one senses tremendous energy, reveals Nandagopal’s indulgence as an artist in the concept of monumentality while seeking inspiration from Indian motifs, patterns and traditional folk trope.

Cat on Penance
Cat on Penance
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Art Artist Names Single S. Nandagopal

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