Benode Behari Mukherjee



16.0 x 20.2 in / 40.6 x 51.3 cm.


Watercolour and ink on paper

Benode Behari Mukherjee’s tryst with art was one of release and healing. Through his progressing visual impairment, it was painting that became Mukherjee’s companion, offering him a therapeutic experience despite his challenges. His colours in swift brushstrokes and the strong outlines in his paintings were proof of the artist’s skills, which Mukherjee honed at Santiniketan, under the tutelage of Nandalal Bose who invariably encouraged his students to paint vistas of places along with people who inhabited the place. Later, in Nepal, he continued creating such works.

published references

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Art Artist Names Single Benode Behari Mukherjee

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