Street Juggler

Amalnath Chakladhar

Street Juggler




14.7 x 10.0 in. / 37.3 x 25.4 cm.


Lithograph on paper pasted on paper

This is an early work by Amalnath Chakladhar, when he was studying at the Government College of Art, Calcutta. However, it impresses with the dexterity of the lines and the attention to detail that he brings to the lithograph, a characteristic that would become his hallmark in the later years. The print is a scene from the streets of Calcutta, putting spotlight on a wandering entertainer with performing simians and an accompanying goat. This class of society that provided live entertainment drew a big crowd in the era this print was made, a memory of a lost trade today.

Street Juggler
Street Juggler
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Art Artist Names Single Amalnath Chakladhar

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