Rameshwar Broota





17.2 x 24.0 in. / 43.7 x 61.0 cm.


Oil, plaster of Paris and metal on canvas (Relief Work)

This painting by Rameshwar Broota, perhaps, most closely relates in ambition to his recent dabble in resin sculptures, to reconstruct a past through the evidence found across space and time. The work’s texture is telling of the laborious process of unearthing items as well as the ravages items undergo over time. The use of earthy tones and dispersion of items most akin to everyday use, such as combs, light switches and magnets, help associate the space to a local environ but simultaneously thwart the notions of class. His curiosity towards the abandoning of these mass-consumed items stems from his despondency towards the state of perennial dissatisfaction that defines mankind’s capitalist greed. The ultimate message of Broota’s work and also his life’s philosophy is thus the pursuit of a supreme state of consciousness as the means to a simple, authentic and fulfilling life. 

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